Ravibhai's students

Ravibhai set up the Kumar Printing Press in downtown Amdavad in 1936.He also started his art school-- 'Gujarat Kala Sangh'--there. A few out-of-town students used the place for lodging at night. Some of the prominent students in the first group (at left is a picture of the group taken in 1935) who later became recognized artists were Rasiklal Parikh, Kanubhai Desai, Vrajalal Trivedi, Chhaganlal Jadav, Somalal Shah, Jagan Mehta, Bansilal Varma, Trigunatit Panchholi, Bhikhubhai Acharya and many others. In October 1934 he moved the art school to the Ellis bridge suburb of Amdavad.

One lesser known fact about him is that he gave free art instructions to all of his students. In some cases he provided even free art materials to poor village students.

Trigunatit Pancholi:

He writes: "My revered master (Ravishankar Raval) initiated the renaissance of art in Gujarat. He gave a respectability to being an artist in the 20th century at a time when a painter was a lowly member of the society and was an object of neglect. He created a whole new cadre of accomplished artists.

"I first came to know him through the first issue of KUMAR in 1924. Reading Kumar woke my dormant art instincts during my early school years. After joining his art school, Gujarat Kala Sangh, in 1934 he remained a constant source of inspiration right through 1940s and the later years. I can write a whole new book chronicling the art events of those years.

"I offer my tribute to that great art presence that brightened many a lives.

Kanubhai Desai:

He is the most well-known of Ravibhai's students. He is known for delicate, ornamental line drawings and figures. He moved to Mumbai and made his carrier as an art director in movie industry where he brought 'Indian' elements in the set-design. His wife Bhadra also was a very accomplished artist and drew in style not very different from his. He made debut with the movies 'Ram Rajya' an epic drama from the story of Ramayan followed by a long strings of movies.

Somalal Shah:

He was an art teacher of high repute and was known for fine water-color renderings of rural life and specially those of the birds in Gujarat. The bird paintings were commissioned by Dharmendrasinh of Bhavanagar who was an internationally known ornithologist. His paintings had the details and quality of the American artist James Jones Audubon.

Rasiklal Parikh:

Rasik Parikh taught at CN Vidyalay in Amadavad. His poignant water-colors of rural life, his wonderful penmanship in sketches, sculptures are well-known.

Jagan Mehta:

He made his name in photography.

Bansilal Varma:

He became a good cartoonist and his political cartoons came in papers regularly for years.