RMR's Publications
All of RMR's publications are in Gujarati.
ysk;tlt fjtbkzvtu His studies of Ajanta cave frescos with numerous color and line drawings
fjt®a;l His thought on art and realted topics
ytðbf:tlf His Autobiography part 1
dwsht;btk fjtlt vdhK His autobiography Part 1 & 2 in better produced volumes and color plates
ysJt¤e ht; "Moonlit nights' an illustrated storybook for children
Cth;eg raºttkfl 30 oriental art drwaings for amateurs
fjtfthle mkMfthgtºtt Travels
’eXtk bU lJtk btlJe Travels
raºtfjt mtuvtl Art instructions
ntS bnBb’ Mbthf d{k: Tribute to a bright star in Gujarati journalism