Ravishankar Raval
1892 Born on August 1
1909 Graduated from the highschool
1915 Won Silver medal for art at Gujarati Sahitya Parishad (Surat)
1916 Won Mayo medal at J J School of Arts (Mumbai)
1917 Won gold medal for best painting at Bombay Art Society
1919 Moved to Amadavad
1923 Won second prize at Calcutta Kalaudyoog Exhibition for posters
1924 Founded 'Kumar' magazine for the young people
1925 Won 'Kalidas' prize
1927 Visited Ajanta caves for a month for in-depth study, sketching and painting.
1930 Was aworded Ranajiatram Gold medal
1935 Founded 'Gujarat Kalasangh Chitashala', an art school in Amadavad
1936 Visited Japan for three months on an art tour
1938 Oversaw art section for 'Sahitya Parishad' at Karachi
1941 Visited Shanitniketan as a special guest for celebration of monsoon 'VARSHAPARV' where he met artists, critics, heads of art institutes and museums
1941 Became president of 'Art Society of India'
1941 Became president of 'Bombay Province Art Conference'
1948 Met the world famous Artist Nicholas Roerich at Kulu
1951 Visited 'All India Art Conference' in Kolikata
1952 Attended 'World Peace Conference' in Vienna
1965 Visited Soviet Russia as a guest of the government
1965 Was awarded 'Soviet Land Nehru Award'
1965 Was awarded 'Padmashri' from the Indian Government
1970 Was awarded Fellowship of Centar Art Academy.
1977 Died on December 9 in Amadavad.