Visitor's Corner

1. Congratulations to Kanakbhai Raval and Kishor Raval for creating a great web site to commemorate Kala Guru Ravibhai Raval,the legendary Art Guru.To repeat my old request some extracts from his auto biography, particularly pieces relating to Bhavnagar, will be most welcome. I have fwded the msg to a few friends and will do so to others.
- Mahesh Vasavada

2. It must have been a lot of work for this project.
Best wishes,

3. Congratulations to Kanakbhai Raval and Kishor Raval for creating a great web site to commemorate Kala Guru Ravibhai Raval,the legendary Art Guru.To repeat my old request some extracts from his auto biography, particularly pieces relating to Bhavnagar, will be most welcome.I have fwded the msg to a few friends and will do so to others.
Mahesh Vasavada

4. An excellent work indeed! We are all humbled, seeing through the web pages that you have created.
Warm Regards,
Abhijit D. Pathak

5. It gives me a great pleasure to learn that on his 111th Birthday, a special website will be launched on 1st August 2003 . I congratulate the organizers and the promoters of the web site.
- Vedant Pandya

6. Thanks for your emails about RMR web site. Both of us liked it very much. It’s well-planned and very interesting. A deserving tribute to Ravikaka.
- Radhekant Dave

7. Amazing talent. Great website. Paintings are so real. Hope there is a museum of his contribution to art.
- Hemant Buch

8. Congrats on the excellent web page prepared by you on Pujya Shri Ravibhai. I shall be glad to recommend it to as many friends as posssible.
- Kshitish Divatia

9. Best wishes for Ravibhai’s website. Can it be called “e-tarpan”? (read the “tarpan” in Gujarati)
- Urvish Kothari

10. Congratulations. Great site for the Kalaguru. I shall inform others too.
- Batuk Vora

11. I knew your father and I have quoted him in some of my writings. I had long association with KUMAR. Very well done web site.
-Father Valles

12. I look forward to the new web site for Ravibhai.

13. Congratulations for a splendid job! All pictures are very sharp and color reproduction is great. It will be a great treasure forever.
- Dinesh Shah

14. I am thrilled this morning at seeing the website. It is a true memorial for Ravikaka. I remember to have seen before some of his art works, but seeing them here as a visual portfolio is a different experience. Perhaps you will add many of his sketches that dot the pages of his autobiography. Many of these form an interesting study of the contemporary Gujarati society.
– Jayant Meghani

15. Kanak,
We just viewed your Fathers paintings and they are absolutely beautiful!I am amazed at the infinite detail,they are like looking at photos. What a talented man!
– Lou Colley

16. Dear Bharatiben and Kanakbhai,
Visited the new website of Respected Shri Ravibhai. Very illuminating and impressive. We wish that you succeed in projecting Shri Ravibhai before our people and especially youngsters as a humane leader instil excellence.
Ravibhai, in addition to being the Kalguru, was a great leader who moulded the life of hundreds. Kumar remained an inspiration for the Kumars. Kumar was a must for the growing youngsters. Kumar was an exceptional magazine which did not lose its topicality and relevance like the others.Scores of students shared every issue and preserved in the original condition for years.
We are grateful to you for the admirable work.
Best wishes,
Kisan Mehta

17. What an exquisite rich with art...historical in its culture. a great tribute to your father...a handsome fellow. what an engaging memorial to this man’s rich for his family to pass from generation to generation my a mere click of the mouse. a real treasure for art lovers. I was visitor number 263. I tried to download some of the art to put into my class publication, but I learned quickly that I could not do that. If you have access it would be nice if you can download a sampling of the art in color and pass it around the class. They will like it.

18. What a coincidence! While you have started a website on Ravibhai, I am in the process of doing something permanent in his name.I received Ravishankar Rawal award a few years ago and thought of utilizing the award money in his memory and now it looks I can institute an annual lecture series on art very soon. It was wonderful to be able to see known and unknown paintings on the website.It would perhaps be more useful to students of art history if further details of year and medium of painting are also given.
- Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, Artist and author (Mumbai , India)

19. We visited this site. Read Jyotibhai's writing. He has covered a lot. Two areas not covered are I think Ravibhai as a pioneer in illustration journalism of independence movement. Also he produced and influenced Kanu Desai who through his affordable albums made general gujaratis buying and appreciating these VW of art. Ravibhai and his students through their paintings of rural saurashtra created an image of Saurashtra as a romantic place to go. Gijubhai Badheka made Saurashtra's children literature known. Meghani preserved Saurashtra's folklore. Ravibhai through his paintings and Kumar provided visual material about beauty of Saurashta to greater gujarat.
- Narendra & Durga Patel

20. Dear kanakbhai:
I am very happy to see a website on Gujarat 's Kalaguru Shri Ravishankar Raval as presented your other family members and friends and yourself. When I went through his paintings through your website you helped me go back to my childhood days in Calcutta . All the paintings of great Gujarati poets (like, Akho, Premanand etc.) took me on a vicarious journey to my school days in the fifties.

I still remember that time in my life when we sibblings used to fight each month as to who would read the latest issue of Kumar Magazine.

I live in Greenville , South Carolina , USA . I am sixtytwo years old and enjoy learning anything about any branch of knowledge including art, culture, literature, sculpture, science, philataly, numesmatic, dance, dramas, music and what not even at present. I must admit that I owe my thurst for knowledge to my exposure to Kumar magazine for so many years in my life. The reading of Kumar magazine for so many years has helped me live a very meaningful and extremely enjoyable life. Hence, I own my knowledge to your father. Most of us Gujaratis who were not Shri Ravibhai's direct students became his indirect students like Eklavya was to Guru Dronacharya. I feel so proud knowing you as his son. By knowing you personally, I get a feeling in my heart as if, I personally know Shri Ravibhai.

My heart is full of reverence for Shri Ravibhai and accordingly please accept my love and regards for your father through this letter.
- Rashmi Kamdar

21. Dear Kanakbhai,
I have made an endowment to Gujarati Sahitya Parishad to institute an annual series of lectures called 'Ravishankar Raval Vyakhyan'. It will most probably begin next year.
With regards,
- GM Sheikh

22. Reviewed it one more time.Now the saksharo seem to be friendly with me. I can identify them with their turbans, smiles and the profiles. Next time when I click your site, I'm sure, I will talk to them.
Thank you,
Dr.R.P.Shah, New York , NY

23. Dear Kanakbhai,
Saw the lovingly done beautiful paintings of the literary figures of those olden golden days. Having studied them and seen their pictures, their faces had been preserved in my memory. The paintings dusted off the tiny particles of time.
- Viraf Kapadia, New Jersey